Foot Dissection

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We were split into pairs to attend a local surgery, where we stood by and watched the entire thing, asking the surgeons questions, sketching and taking pictures. The patient was a young male, around 17 years old, receiving a simple, incomplete syndactyly surgery (when two fingers are developmentally fused and must be corrected after birth).  Normally patients receiving this surgery are between 1-2 years old, but since it was simple (only skin and connective tissue connecting the fingers) and incomplete (not the entirety of both fingers was connected), the patient still had mobility (albeit, limited). What an awesome opportunity to scrub in and observe this procedure!

Drawing Surface and Skeletal Anatomy

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Editorial and Journal Illustration


TOBY the Biomaterials Mining Robot for MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine

Illustrations for a massage therapy clinic brochure


Illustrations for  “A modern literature review of carbon monoxide poisoning theories, therapies, and potential targets for therapy advancement.” Written and researched by Roderique, JD 

Published in Toxiocology; August 2015

The Effects of Carbon Monoxide 

The Effects of Carbon Monoxide on Ion Channels